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faveur's vision:


Woman empowered and set free to pursue their God given gifts and talents- not held back by lies, fear or insecurity. Confidently rising up to take their place, knowing that their unique beauty, dignity, and strength is needed in their families, community, and the world.



our mission:


 To provide an affordable and unique shopping experience,  where women are immersed in an atmosphere  full of “heavenly” inspiration. A place where women can enjoy being clothed in inspiring and unique styles, with the extra attention given to help them get the right fit and styles for their body.   Our goal is that everyone who steps inside Faveur would encounter and experience Gods healing love and Presence.  We want our customers walking out feeling  beautiful, confidant, free from fear and insecurities, seeing themselves the way God sees them-and excited to come back for another life changing experience.





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